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How Organisations Leverage Weather Insights For Impact

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How Organisations Leverage Weather Insights For Impact

What most agricultural organizations, both NGOs and agribusinesses alike, have in common is that they all have to deal with the weather. This is because weather is vital in accomplishing their set goals, be it food security, economic empowerment for smallholder farmers or improving sales as an agribusiness. It is hence, a good move for them to leverage weather insights for impact.

In a survey of 1000 C-level executives on how weather impacts organizations, more than half of them stated negative impacts on operating costs, depreciation, revenue, business operations and more. It is thus no secret that having better weather-related insights can greatly improve the extent to which these organizations achieve their objectives.

However, for organizations who operate in the tropics; that is sub-Saharan Africa etc, it becomes especially challenging to get reliable weather insights. Well, that was before ignitia, the world’s first and most accurate tropical weather forecasting company.

That said, let’s jump right into how agricultural organizations can leverage weather insights for impact.

How To Leverage Weather Insights for Impact

In the same survey aforementioned, an overwhelming majority of executives say better weather-related insights can reduce costs and increase revenues. This is because weather affects at least one revenue and one cost metric in most organizations. Weather forecasts, historic rain data, seasonal comparisons and thunderstorm tracking are all examples of weather insights that can be leveraged for impact by organizations. Here is how:

Weather Forecasts

With access to reliable weather forecasts, organizations will know what to expect on the ground in their areas/regions of interest. This information will guide their next line of action for optimum performance. For instance, they can decide on when to transport produce or make sure that storage facilities are well sealed ahead of a heavy downpour. Agri Advisory services can also correctly recommend when seeds should be sown considering the weather forecast for the coming day. An agri input company might advise on when to apply fertilizers or spray chemicals to avoid runoff leading to waste and environmental pollution. There are quite a number of use cases of weather forecasts for organizations.

ojo historic rain data, leverage weather insights, leverage weather data

Historic Rain Data

Knowing the weather patterns for any area is pure gold especially to organizations planning for big moves like expansion activities for instance. With historic rain data, agri input companies can know what seed varieties to procure and send to various locations. Again, agri advisory services can leverage this insight to advise on what crops to grow where for maximum yield. A pesticide company can also know what pests are likely to occur the most in certain areas with this insight. They can thus, plan ahead on the pesticides to produce and send to those areas.


Seasonal Comparisons

By being able to compare current and past rainy seasons, organizations will be able to forecast yield. This seasonal comparison also helps to see the change in climate in a region and how it will affect business. For instance, an agribusiness can change their marketing plans and send more fungicides to areas that have been marked as wetter than usual. Should an area be marked as drier, they can also introduce seed varieties that can withstand drier conditions.


Thunderstorm Alerts

Thunderstorm alerts are another important weather insight that can be leveraged for impact. Knowing when a storm is approaching a certain region or area is a great advantage to put necessary measures in place to prevent losses. Crisis management organizations or emergency response services can leverage this data to save lives and property by planning evacuations in advance for flood-prone areas. Also, storage facilities can exploit Thunderstorm Alerts to seal up their facilities in anticipation of the storm. Logistics departments of organizations, an agribusiness for instance, can plan when to transport produce to avoid losing them to the storm.


A Solution to Leverage Weather Insights

Leveraging these weather insights above can translate to huge advantages for organisations who make the smart move. However, that is not all there is to it. The potential of making impact based on weather insights in fact rests on the reliability of the weather insights an organisation is acting on. Obviously, if acting on reliable weather insights can improve revenue and chances of achieving organizational objectives, then acting on inaccurate weather insights can result in painful losses. The big question now is “Where can one get reliable weather insights for the tropics that can be leveraged for impact by organisations?” One word answers that, òjò.


About òjò

ojo, ojo logo, leverage weather insights, leverage weather dataÒjò is a web dashboard that provides organizations with insights into ignitia‘s daily, highly accurate weather forecasts for tropical locations. Òjò provides these weather insights all in one place.  These insights will help the organizations to make informed decisions, boost productivity and engage better with the people they serve.


With òjò, users can:

  • Get hyperlocal weather forecasts (up to 4 days) for various locations
  • View up to 35 years Historic Rain Data for various locations
  • Compare the current rainy season against previous rainy seasons
  • Upload custom information about locations, for example, individual’s phone numbers, variety of seeds grown, or fertilizer used, etc. These details can be viewed on a map for various locations plotted.
  • View and filter by custom information provided such as locations, phone number, gender, etc. These details can be viewed on a map furnished with both past and forecasted weather conditions for each location.
  • Send broadcast messages to individuals based on their select location, forecasted conditions, and categorical data like value chain and gender. Segmentation is available based on the categorical data that have been provided by the organization.
  • Track the movement of thunderstorms visually on the map

òjò is thus, that one tool that provides organisations reliable weather insights that can be leveraged for impact. It also features a messaging portal that permits organisations to send custom messages to their end-users or customers.

Get in touch with us now by sending an email to to claim a free live òjò demo. We will be glad to show what your organization can accomplish with òjò in 2020 and beyond.

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